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R&M Style  - Adriatica -
Empire Of Lights & Sounds - Rugan Moleno DJ set 20.04.2023
Still a wonderful evening with friends and outside listeners
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart


And still in a new location, lots of great music. Choosen and mixed live. Empire Of Lights & Sounds !
---- Trance Music,Techno, Melodic Techno, Progressive House ---- With some Tracks composed by.Rugan Moleno
    Wednesday,  - 2 PM SLT -  03/15/2023 on Astralia Grid.

R&M Style Fashion, fun and muWelcome to R&M Style! Italian land with stores of famous brands, live disco, Photo Contest we are waiting for you, for a chat in company with joy, but always in mutual respect. Progressive House, Electro House Live Mix, Trance and fun.
Elegant apartments, villas and skyboxes cannot be missing, to live your life in this virtual world that offers second life. If you are curious, click here.
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R&M Style - Unisex Barb Wire Earrings
- 100% Mesh
- Unrigged
- Copy/Mod
Can be worn on right, left or both ears.
These earrings are totally editable.
You can change the size or the color from the Edit / Modify linked parts menu and then acting in the color box

Rugan Moleno
R&M Style Owner
DJ --  Melodic Techno, Trance, Electro  --
Altum Neox - VOICE
Cantante Live
Morgana Teebrook
Technical Support
R&M Style Owner
Don't cut off your finger! You need it to reach us in the metaverse
Astralia Grid 2023
Denis alla consolle
Awesome evening with cloe kegel,Vins Watanabe and Astralia Group
Meliora SOEL Rinzen, TechnoBit R&M  Rugan Moleno Trigger EMEDI Melody  Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sarah de Warren Berserk Santiago Luna Himmelblau Boris Brejcha Noso (Colyn Remix) Edu Imbernon, Nico Casal
And so many other wonderful Tracks !

Rugan Moleno-Gabry Ponte-Giuseppe Ottaviani_mastered
Semi Trance --- 07 04 24
V2 -G
R&M Style
R&M Style in Second Life high fashion and luxury brands, R&S Fashion  Microsoft Store Affiliate Team

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