R&M style Adriatica di Rugan Moleno e Morgana Teebrook

R&M Band
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R&M Style  - Adriatica -
R&M Style Fashion, fun and music
Welcome to R&M Style! Italian land with stores of famous brands, live disco, Photo Contest we are waiting for you, for a chat in company with joy, but always in mutual respect. Progressive House, Electro House Live Mix, Trance and fun.
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R&M Style ADRIATICA Live events

Live Event appointment: 20.08.2021

a talented English multi-instrumentalist songwriter

Musical Events - APPUNTAMENTI
Bellissima serata in compagnia di Ermi e la sua chitarra in R&M Style   

R&M Style sabato 24 Aprile ore 2 Pm SLT                                                                                                                                                    
♫ « ERMI Live » ♫ e la sua chitarra
Grande serata sempre con puro divertimento e bellissima musica!
Vi aspettiamo!  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Girls/30/82/27                                      
APPUNTAMENTI - Musical Event
Ospiti in R&M Style gli SblindoMania 11,06
R&M Style - 11.06.2021 2PM SLT
SblindoMania on Air
- Dj Stefan
- EcciDJ
- Dj Capu
Good Music and Pure Fun

R&M Style By Rugan Moleno & Morgana Teebrook
Photo Contest theme: Mountains
Prize: L $ 3000
Top Winner
Free to join!
Add your most beautiful photo that portrays you in the mountain environment!
R&M Style Contest

Ed ancora il 4 Giugno con i simpaticissimi di Radio Amici
da noi a R&M Style
Dj Samira e Silvia - Live Music and Fun!
Amici Radio 04.05.2021  R&M Style Live Music
Altum Neox - VOICE
Cantante Live
Rugan Moleno
R&M Style Owner
DJ --  Melodic Techno, Trance, Electro  --
Morgana Teebrook
Technical Support
R&M Style Owner
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