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your projects


A corner of artists

R&M Style - Unisex Barb Wire Earrings
- 100% Mesh
- Unrigged
- Copy/Mod
Can be worn on right, left or both ears.
These earrings are totally editable.
You can change the size or the color from the Edit / Modify linked parts menu and then acting in the color box

                                                            Handmade !!
Zodiac Gnome "Taurus"
Materials: cotton, Schachenmayr, "Catania"
Zodiac Gnome "Taurus" Handmade Crochet,with rhinestone and bead embroidery, of the constellation of the zodiac sign.Decorated with a garland of flowers and leaves, crocheted,metal nose ring and synthetic beard.Height: The gnome is about 25 cm tall.  Low in stock, only 1 left
You can purchase it on

Handmade Zodiac Gnome

Store In Style
In Style Store a structure with clean lines and excellent textures
A ceiling with with soft lines and a floor with a luminous effect.
50 mt. x 50 mt. Full mesh Copy and Mod.

Calcolo Sgolatura tubi
R&M Style
R&M Style in Second Life high fashion and luxury brands, R&S Fashion  Microsoft Store Affiliate Team
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